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Peat is Urbit's first backup utility.


Peat in a Nutshell

  • Import
    • Recover a Social graph from a saved file - transferrable between ships
  • Export
    • Export a Social graph to a file on underlying file system (e.g. Unix)
  • Backup/Restore
    • Local recreation of a graph that exists, 're-basing' the graph to be hosted by the local ship

Import from Disk - Details

  • User has a /path/to/pier/<project-desk>/hav directory for importing (though they could import from anywhere, really).
  • User also has a form interface, through Peat's webapp allowing them to import without tracking the files in their loom.

From Clay

  • User gets instructions from the frontend as to how to add files to this directory and commit the desk so the files are available in the OS
    • NOTE: This should be converted to using drum's get functionality at some point, but this hasn't been wired up yet in drum.
  • User can see all files available for restoration in the default hav directory, delineated by whether they represent Agent state or graphs
  • User can select a file for restoration
  • User can apply the file for restoration
    • Potentially needing to specify additional details, for a graph (e.g. what group to associate it with, and what to call the new resource) User is informed that the restoration is underway/has completed

From Web

  • User gets instructions from the frontend as to how to upload files through the frontend, resulting in their unpacking and importing to graph store
  • User can select from local files on the computer through which they're accessing the frontend.
  • Note: This method avoids polluting loom with transient files - it is to be the preferred method

Disclaimer: Applications may not be audited for security and might contain malicious code or vulnerabilities that could lead to unwanted interaction with your ship. Explore at your own risk.

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