Sphinx is a search engine powered by you and your pals. Using the gossip mechanism developed by ~paldev for %rumors, anytime you post a listing it gets indexed on your urbit and then shared with your friends and friends of friends.

Currently sphinx is probably best as a tool for finding groups and apps, but will likely index content soon too. It uses exact, phonetic, and unordered trigram matching to index the keywords in your listings. This allows you to type a query inconsistently and still get similar results as if it was spelled right.

Future features include tag aggregation for more "classifieds"-type browsing, browsing by who shared something, ability to specify who a listing gets shared with (private/pals/pals+sponsor), and the ability to add search providers who might host non-gossiped indexes.

Disclaimer: Applications may not be audited for security and might contain malicious code or vulnerabilities that could lead to unwanted interaction with your ship. Explore at your own risk.

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