Hoon School

Interested in developing on Urbit? You’ll want to learn Hoon, a functional programming language that’s custom-designed for use with Arvo, the Urbit operating system.

We want you to learn Hoon, too. That’s why we’re offering Hoon School: a free, online, asynchronous program that’s fully supported by an instructor. We currently offer a 101-level course.

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Hoon 101

Hoon 101 is a six-week, introductory-level course. It’s appropriate for motivated learners with no programming experience, and for those familiar with other programming languages. You’ll leave Hoon 101 with a strong understanding of the language’s fundamentals. Expect to devote four hours a week to this course.

The next Hoon School session, Session 4, will be held from April 6th to May 17th. Enroll now!