Hoon School

Interested in developing on Urbit? You’ll want to learn Hoon, a functional programming language that’s custom-designed for use with Arvo, the Urbit operating system.

We want you to learn Hoon, too. That’s why we’re offering Hoon School: a free, online, asynchronous program that’s fully supported by an instructor. We currently offer a 101-level course.

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Hoon 101

Hoon 101 is a six-week, introductory-level course. It’s appropriate for motivated learners with no programming experience, and for those familiar with other programming languages. You’ll leave Hoon 101 with a strong understanding of the language’s fundamentals. Expect to devote four hours a week to this course.

200-level Hoon courses

We're in the process of designing advanced Hoon Courses, but they aren't ready yet. They'll cover advanced development with Hoon, such as app development, kernel development, and the details of the Hoon type system. Such classes will be appropriate for graduates of Hoon 101. Check back later if you're interested in enrolling.