Welcome to the documentation for the Urbit project. This documentation is maintained by Tlon in a public Github repository. Issues and contributions are welcome.


We recommend getting started with the Glossary, which explains Urbit concepts in an accessible, wiki-like format. Glossary pages will point you in the direction of more substantial documentation in other sections like Tutorials and Reference, so browsing it will help you discover the rest of the docs. Also note the search box, which is a handy way to look a term up.

Featured Glossary Terms
Arvo - Azimuth - Hoon - Landscape - Planet - Ship


Tutorials contains learning materials about the system, enough where you can develop on Urbit.


Reference contains technical reference documentation for Hoon and other components of the system. Keep reading if you need to look up a Hoon expression or a standard-library function.

Troubleshooting Knowledgebase

While not a part of the docs proper, our troubleshooting wiki is the best place to go if you're trying to find a solution to an Urbit technical problem.