Urbit / Docs


Welcome to the documentation for the Urbit project, including the Azimuth identity layer, the Arvo operating system, and the Hoon programming language. This documentation is maintained by Tlon in a public GitHub repository. Issues and contributions are welcome.

The documentation is organized into five high-level sections. Read on to get acquainted.

Getting Started

If you'd like to install Arvo, get an Azimuth point, and/or get on the Urbit network, you'll find guides here. Dive in, and don't be afraid to ask for help!

The three pages below are meant to be followed in order.

  • The Bridge section is the first step. It tells you how to access your Azimuth identity using our client.

  • The guide to installing Urbit is the second step. It tells you how to get our software on your machine.

  • The guide to booting a ship is the third and final step. It walks you through using what you did in the previous steps to get onto the Arvo network.

In addition to those primary pages, the documents below are helpful but optional for using Urbit.

  • Creating a Development Ship, a walkthrough for creating a walkthrough for creating a disposable ship, disconnected from the Arvo network, for hacking on Urbit, developing applications, and learning.

  • Operating a Star


Here live guides that are helpful for everyday users.

  • Admin and Operation is a guide to the basic commands used to interact with your ship.

  • Messaging tells you how to use Talk, our chat system.

  • Shell is a guide to using Dojo, our command-line interface.

  • Introduction to the Filesystem explains the basics of using use Clay, our revision-control filesystem.

  • Source Layout walks you through the various directories of the Arvo operating system.

  • Sail is a guide to Sail: Hoon markup that's used to build web pages with XML.

  • Udon is a guide to Udon, which is our take on Markdown.

  • Generators will explain how to use the “generator,” a kind of file that's the easiest way to run Hoon programs.


If you're looking for a high-level introduction to the Urbit project and its components, start here.


If you're interested in contributing to the project, building applications, or understanding the system technically, take a look at our tutorials and explanations of Urbit's components.

  • The Hoon section, for resources on learning our programming language. To understand the system, start here.

  • The Arvo section, for the internals of Arvo, Urbit's operating system.

  • The Nock section, for learning Nock, Urbit's low-level language.

  • The Vere section, for learning about Vere, the virtual machine that runs on Unix.


If you're a developer looking for Arvo reference documentation, this section is for you.

  • The Glossary will help if you're confused by all the new jargon.

  • The Cheat Sheet is a compact document for looking up Hoon expressions.

  • The Hoon Expressions section contains more comprehensive reference material for Hoon expressions.

  • The Standard Library section documents the Hoon standard library.