Continuity on the Ames network occasionally needs to be broken at this early stage in order to correct a networking error or make major changes to Arvo. These infrequent events are known as breaches which either cause an individual ship to forget its network message history, called a personal breach, or cause the entire network to forget its history, called a network breach.

Personal breaches are always initiated by the user, frequently in response to a connectivity error. The easiest way to do this is with Bridge. There are two types of personal breaches: changing private keys, and changing the Urbit ID ownership address. Each one increments the life number of the ship by one, which is an integer that represents how many personal breaches have been performed on that ship. Transferring the ID to a new address will also increase the rift number of the ship in addition to the life number.

You can check your life and rift number by typing +keys our into dojo and pressing Enter.

Network breaches happen when a major Arvo revision that cannot be implemented via an OTA update occurs. When this happens, a new binary will need to be downloaded, and your ship's pier needs to be moved to the directory containing the new binary.

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