Cheat Sheet

Download the cheat sheet PDF here.

We've found it's useful to have a quick reference of Hoon's syntax always at hand. So above is a download link to a Hoon cheatsheet .pdf. It's missing a few of the literal syntaxes, but it covers the most common ones.

This doesn't list any of the Ford runes, although there is now at least some documentation for those here.

The following runes also exist, but are currently undocumented and not listed in the cheat sheet:

!:  ::  turn on debugging printfs
!.  ::  turn off debugging printfs
!;  ::  using the "type of type", emit the type for an expression
!,  ::  emit AST of expression
$*  ::  bunt (irregular form is *)
^.  ::  use gate to transform type
^&  ::  zinc (covariant) -- see the docs on advanced types