Hoon is a high-level, statically typed, functional programming language, custom-designed for use with Urbit. For a functional language it has a surprisingly imperative style, and mastering it doesn't require knowing any advanced mathematics.

    Hoon is an unusual language in several respects, both in syntax and semantics. It uses runes (i.e., ASCII digraphs) in place of keywords, and the spacing rules are a bit strict. A great deal can be expressed in few lines, though excessively compressed code tends to be hard to read. Hoon has surprisingly simple semantics, but mastering it requires learning concepts that don't have close analogues in other languages.

    In this section, you'll find useful resources on the Hoon programming language.

    The Hoon Tutorial

    This section is the place to learn the fundamentals of the language, from the very beginning.

    The Hoon Workbook

    The workbook lets you dive right into code walkthroughs.

    The Style Guide

    This guide shows you how to write code in the correct way.