Hoon Workbook

The Workbook is the place to sharpen your Hoon skills. Each entry in the Workbook is a code walkthrough followed by exercises.

  • the List of Numbers example will familiarize you with the basic components and structure of a Hoon program. If you're brand new, start here.

  • The Caesar Cipher shows you how to build a simple method of message obfuscation.

  • The Recursion walkthrough will explain common patterns of recursion in programming and how to implement them in Hoon.

  • The Digits example demonstrates how to decompose a number into a list of its digits.

  • The Magic 8-Ball example emulates everyone's favorite decision-making machine.

  • The Traffic-light example demonstrates how to creates a state machine in Hoon.

  • The Bomb-defusing exercise shows how to program, well, a bomb-defusing scenario.