Creating a Development Ship

    To do work with Hoon and with the system, we recommended using a "fake" ship -- one not connected to the network.

    Because such a ship has no presence on the network, you don't need an Azimuth identity for its purposes. You just need to have installed our software.

    To create a fake ship named ~zod, run the command below. You can replace zod with any valid Urbit ship-name.

    urbit -F zod

    Now you should see a block of boot messages, starting with the Urbit version number. Welcome!

    Basic Operations

    Welcome to your ship! There's a few things you should do to become oriented.

    The Dojo

    Let's try out the Dojo, the Arvo command line and Hoon REPL:

    ~sample-planet:dojo> (add 2 2)

    Should produce:

    > (add 2 2)



    Your ship's filesystem being "mounted" means that its filesystem can be interacted with through Unix. This makes things much easier for you.

    The Arvo filesystem isn't mounted to Unix by default. Switch to the Dojo prompt and run:

    ~sample-planet:dojo> |mount %

    This should produce:

    > |mount %

    which indicates that the command was processed.

    |mount % will cause a home/ directory to appear inside your pier folder in Unix (the "pier" is our shorthand for the directory whose name corresponds to your Azimuth point). Changes to these files can be committed to your pier by running |commit %home once you're done.

    Shutting Down and Restarting

    You can turn your ship off with ctrl-d from the Talk or Dojo prompts.

    To restart your ship, simply pass the name of your pier:

    urbit some-planet