The Nock runtime system, written in C.

Keep reading if you're planning to work on the Urbit interpreter, you're a language implementation geek, or you don't really understand anything until you've seen the actual structs.

C runtime system

The Urbit interpreter is built on a Nock runtime system written in C, u3. This section is a relatively complete description.

c3: C in Urbit

Under u3 is the simple c3 layer, which is just how we write C in Urbit.

u3: Land of nouns

The division between c3 and u3 is that you could theoretically imagine using c3 as just a generic C environment. Anything to do with nouns is in u3.

u3: API overview by prefix

A walkthrough of each of the u3 modules.

How to write a jet

A jetting guide by for new Urbit developers.


References on the cryptography libraries utilized by jets.