Ecosystem Spotlight - November 2022



Assembly Capital recently released radio, an app that lets you create or tune into rooms where you can collaboratively DJ with other users on the network.

Radio turns the algorithm-driven institution that is Youtube into an experience that's more like watching an old TV with just a few channels with your friends.

Developer ~nodmyn-dosrux writes "Radio is the first urbit app with presence built in. Accurate presence data creates a socially charged experience ... Presence gives people reason to engage with each other. Our natural social impulses disincentivize “lurking”, but this doesn’t work when software makes us invisible."


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Three Things #40: October 23, 2022


Lane Rettig takes on the challenge of defining Urbit.

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E12 - The Gang Does an Urbit Maxi Episode


This episode of Uqbar's podcast asks important questions like "How do we evaluate Urbit?" and "Is Urbit ready for outside investment?" in this unique episode with long-time Urbit core developer Ted Blackman.

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