Ecosystem Spotlight - July 2023



Trill is an Urbit-native microblog. Or, to put it another way, it’s a decentralized Twitter alternative. When you post on Trill, you own your data and your feed, and your data is composable with other Urbit apps. Trill has been recently updated and now features a mobile UI with chat and %pals integrations, as well as a revamped back-end with a Global Feed and a Twitter-aggregator so that you can browse Twitter within Urbit in addition to viewing Urbit-native content.

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Urbit, a Network Older and Weirder Than Bitcoin, Finally Turns Toward Growth


Recently Coindesk, one of the top sources for news about crypto and web3, chronicled Urbit’s “turn toward growth.” The article captures an interesting moment in the Urbit ecosystem—one in which the network sheds its air of impenetrability and opens up to the world.

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Are you a designer? Or do you merely love well-designed items? In either case, you can head on over to Structure, a public group that morphed into something like a DAO oriented around design principles and process.

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