Developer Call: Architectural Idea Maze

Hosted by Lane R., Urbit

Tlon Engineer Philip Monk is interviewed by Poprox in an "Architectural Idea Maze" discussion, where Phil will discuss the choices made, and possibly more importantly, the choices not made in the design of a component of Urbit. In this discussion, Phil will be focusing on subscriptions in all their forms throughout Urbit.

Developer calls are focused on the technologies that underpin Urbit, from the top of the stack to the very bottom. They’re an opportunity for the people developing and contributing to Urbit to share their knowledge and expertise, including things that typically don’t make it into the docs, such as how and why Urbit works the way it does.

The livestream will be held on YouTube, and a group video call will be made available via Google Meet after the talk for casual discussion and in-person conversation.