Developer Call: JavaScript Apps on Urbit

Hosted by Mike Osborne (~taller-ravnut)
Guest: Tyler Brown Cifu Shuster (~radbur-sivmus)

Urbit provides a powerful and extensible platform for all kinds of app development. It can serve as a general-purpose datastore, decentralized network, and identity solution for a variety of front-end applications. The client that ships with Urbit, Landscape, provides one example of the kind of applications that can be built on the platform. However, other developers can use the same tools used to create Landscape to power their own interfaces and clients for Urbit.

Tyler Brown Cifu Shuster (~radbur-sivmus) has worked with the Landscape team over the past few months to extract these tools into reusable Javascript packages. In this talk, he will explain how to use them to develop a client for Urbit independent of Landscape. He will cover the basic lifecycle of a client and explain how Javascript interface and state frameworks pair with Urbit's data model.

This talk should enable anyone familiar with modern Javascript development and HTTP grammar to build an application on top of Urbit without writing any back-end code.