Developer Call: Scaling Azimuth

Hosted by Urbit

Urbit engineer Philip Monk will be discussing the solution space to scaling Azimuth, the infrastructure for Urbit ID that's built on Ethereum.

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that Ethereum is thoroughly congested and, as a result the cost of working with it is quite high. Most pertinently for Urbit, this means that the cost of bringing new planets onto the network is unacceptably high.

Phil has been doing a ton of research for the past few months on different approaches to scaling Azimuth. In this talk, he'll lay out the what's been explored so far, the relevant considerations for Urbit, and the emerging solutions that are being pursued.

As usual, this talk will feature a presentation, a Q&A period and a follow-up video call that anyone from the audience can join.

See you there!