Developer Call: 3rd Party Software Distribution

Hosted by Josh Lehman (~wolref-podlex)
Guest: Raghu (~sovmep-ripsum) and Philip Monk (~wicdev-wisryt)

Some exciting work has been going on behind the scenes to provide the foundation for 3rd party software distribution. In this talk Phil (~wicdev-wisryt) and Raghu (~sovmep-ripsum) will discuss the work they've been doing to clay to provide "virtual desks"—an integral part of the infrastructure needed to have safe, generic software distribution.

Raghu is a software engineer at Hudson River Trading who is perhaps best known for his work on ucal, the Urbit calendar application. The work he's doing with Phil on virtual desks is being done through our Scholarships program, in which community developers pair up with Tlon infrastructure engineers to work on infrastructure projects. We'll spend some time at the beginning of the call to introduce Raghu and hear about his experience working on the Urbit kernel.

As usual, there'll be an opportunity to jump on the call with us afterward to ask questions and hang out.