Developer Call: Programming Bitcoin on Urbit Workshop

Hosted by Josh Lehman (~wolref-podlex)
Guest: Tim (~timluc-miptev)

Programming Bitcoin is fun, particularly on Urbit, but the devil is in the details. Tim (~timluc-miptev) will impart the implicit knowledge he gained working with Bitcoin in the course of his projects, and give an open workshop on what you need to know, either to satisfy your curiosity or to jump in and help. Tim will give a structured presentation on low-level Bitcoin fundamentals, intended to make it easy to use Bitcoin resources for further study.

Tim is the technical director at the Urbit Foundation, and wrote the backend for the Urbit Bitcoin wallet. He is currently managing volt, a project to integrate a Lightning client into Urbit. This workshop will be interactive — Tim will take questions throughout, and will conduct another session later if material remains.

As always, there will be an informal call afterwards to hang out. We will also open a Bitcoin development channel on Urbit specifically to handle follow-ups from this and for those who can't make it live.