Urbit Hosting Launch Event

Hosted by Urbit

We've been busy building, testing and refining — and now it's time to show off what we've been up to.

We're going to do a live demo of Tlon's Urbit hosting solution, check out some of the new features of Landscape and generally catch up on what both we (at Tlon) and the community have been up to.

Since the OS 1 launch, back in April, we've been living on Urbit day to day. Urbit has gotten gotten a lot faster, more reliable and nicer to use. Most importantly, we've got an easy way for friends to come join us without running their own node. We're really excited to let people explore what's possible with Urbit and build communities without ever touching the command-line.

Join the waitlist for hosting here: https://tlon.io/

Got a group of friends who want to use Urbit together? We periodically give away blocks of planets and help people get set up. Apply for a community grant:

Interested developing on Urbit? Hoon School is a community-run program to teach you the basics of the language and system. Sign up here:

Mostly, you can find us on Urbit in the Urbit Community group. But you can also follow along here:

And if you're still confused about what Urbit is, try these: