App dev: other Grants

Analytics Script

Write a generator that exports chat data into a CSV.

Urbit React Cookbook

Provide concrete examples of React UI driven by @urbit/http-api to quickly start building on top of Urbit

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending ~witfyl-ravped

Network Explorer: Data Pipeline & HTTP API

Build a public, open HTTP API for exploring metrics about the Urbit network.

App Dev: Other 5 stars pending Christopher King

Urbit LFS - filehosting

Share large files

App Dev: Other 4 stars pending tabnus-fondeg

Search in groups

Implement a basic text search in groups channels

App Dev: Other 2 stars pending @nrtxrmnd

Cross-Platform Desktop Urbit App

A native app that makes running Urbit near friction-less for everyone.

App Dev: Other 10 stars pending nocsyx-lassul

Try Urbit Website

A website where prospective Martians can experience the Landscape interface without any technical chops.

App Dev: Other 2 stars pending mikeosborne

Urbit API for Elixir

A proposal to build an Urbit HTTP Api for the Elixir language, bringing to Urbit its state of the art concurrency capabilities.

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending mirtyl-wacdec

WebRTC Gall Agent and external app

Add WebRTC support to Urbit, including call/stream setup and teardown messaging and ICE/STUN/TURN advertisement and authentication.

App Dev: Other 8 stars pending Edward Amsden ~ritpub-sipsyl

Calendar UI

Develop a UI for improved access to the Calendar Gall app

App Dev: Other 3 stars awarded ~fabnev-hinmur

Urbit HTTP API for Rust

This proposal seeks to create an API to interact with an Urbit ship over HTTP written in Rust.

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending ~mocrux-nomdep


Antechamber is an initiative to provide a group within Landscape that is restricted to only galaxies and delegates of galaxies.

App Dev: Other 4 stars pending xiphiness

Urbit HTTP API for Kotlin

Write an urbit HTTP API (aka Airlock) for Kotlin.

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending @nrtxrmnd

Bitcoin Key Derivation

The Urbit HD Wallet allows for many different keys to be generated from a single master ticket. Your task is to use this mechanism to generate Bitcoin keys and expose ways of interacting with them.

App Dev: Other 2 stars awarded pkova

A Collaborative Web Mapping System for Urbit

Allow small scale spatial data to be stored and retrieved in Urbit, for use in landscape and external applications, and shared across ships.

App Dev: Other 4 stars pending Lumphead

CTA Train Tracker Landscape Tile

Build an app to track the schedule of the Chicago Transit Authority.

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending tomnash

Ragnarok Online on Urbit

Landscape app that supports registering an urbit ID with an RO server, exposing various account management actions and guild / channel chats

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending ~littel-wolfur