Dev tool Grants

Urbit HTTP API for Emacs (elisp)

Connecting Urbit with Emacs would enable all sorts of cool and creative apps. I'd love to be able to chat without leaving my editor.

Dev Tool 3 stars pending ~winduc-dozser

Docker image for cloud container orchestration

Nix infrastructure to generate Docker images for Urbit releases. Images would be suitable for cloud orchestration in e.g. Amazon ECS

Dev Tool 1 star awarded Edward Amsden ~ritpub-sipsyl

Urbit HTTP Library for Ruby

Create a Ruby language HTTP library to connect to Urbit.

Dev Tool 3 stars pending ~winter-paches

Urbian: a customized Linux distribution for Urbit appliances

A package for the generation of custom Linux images with Urbit running as service, for the backend of a turnkey Urbit appliance or IoT hub.

Dev Tool 2 stars pending ~botter-nidnul

Unit tests for Zuse cryptographic functions

Write unit tests for cryptographic functions of the Zuse library.

Dev Tool 1 star awarded lukechampine

Udon syntax highlighter

Write a syntax highlighter for the Udon markup language.

Dev Tool 1 star pending ~dirwex-dosrev