Documentation Grants

How to Buy a Star: a Guide

Create a guide with helpful vocabulary and essential how-tos

Documentation 1 star pending ~sonnep-ribbep

Translate key parts of into Spanish

Help the Urbit community grow internationally by translating key resources, guides, and documentation to Spanish.

Documentation 1 star pending Tom Holford

Create Vane Documentation

Create vane documentation for clay, eyer, iris, jael, and behn

Documentation 5 stars pending ~tinnus-napbus

Thread Documentation

Document, explain, and give simple howtos for the usage patterns of threads in the Dojo and Gall agents.

Documentation 1 star awarded ~tinnus-napbus

Graph Store Documentation Guide

Explainer, tutorial, and cookbook for `graph-store`

Documentation 4 stars pending ~sipfyn-pidmex

Translate key parts of into Korean

The content found on and is only in English. Translation will be helpful to Koreans.

Documentation 1 star pending ~sibped-dabdul, 홍송이

Translate key parts of into German

Introduction, Urbit OS, Urbit ID, Interface, Roadmap: OS1-> OS N, People + History, and Install + Setup (analog to Korean translation)

Documentation 1 star pending ~hocdep-labtel

Educational Guide: TodoMVC, Urbit Edition

The goal of this bounty is to create a series of guides that can instruct a newcomer to Urbit as to how to go about creating a full-stack application from scratch.

Documentation 10 stars pending ~rabsef-bicrym

Urbit Ship and Star Hosting and Troubleshooting Docs

User docs for ship/star owners around best practices for hosting

Documentation 2 stars pending ~dovsem-bornyl

The Complete Guide to Gall and Landscape

A full text and video course on every aspect of creating Gall and Landscape apps. Students will create their own full application to finish.

Documentation 4 stars awarded ~timluc-miptev

Up-to-date Hoon reference card

I have made an up-to-date version of the Urbit Hoon reference card and will maintain it.

Documentation 1 star awarded N E Davis

Hoon 001: Learner efficiency and early-learner resources

Create Hoon learning resources catered to learner efficiency, with orienting materials for Hoon & coding, learning examples, videos.

Documentation 3 stars awarded som, ~risruc-habteb, ~rabsef-bicrym

Gall API documentation

Write reference documentation for using the API for developing Gall apps.

Documentation 1 star awarded Liam Fitzgerald, borlyt-salnus