Bridge UI/UX Revamp for Layer 2

Worker(s): ~datder-sonnet Reward: 5 Stars WIP


The Naive Rollup, our Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, has been in the works now for many months and is nearing completion; however, the rollup itself is only one part of what's needed to make L2 useful for end-users.

The Naive Rollup computes the state of the PKI by:

  1. Reading from existing Layer 1 transactions, and
  2. Reading and validating data submitted to a new Layer 1 contract (the L2 contract) that corresponds to L2 transaction batches (rolls). Rolls are made up of individual transactions that describe computation to be done, which are handled by the Naive Rollup.

It's the job of another system called the roller to aggregate L2 transactions in batches before ultimately submitting them to the L2 contract—this is the system that users must interface with in order to interact with L2, which implies that a number of visual changes must be made to Bridge.


Your task is to work with as an engineer embedded within a Tlon team to bring L2 scaling through to completion. Your role on the team is to implement designs specified in Figma in Bridge that enable L2 functionality.


You'll meet twice weekly with the team on Tuesdays and Thursdays to communicate status updates, and will be expected to work regularly with Tlon engineers in pairing sessions to understand and implement the required modifications to Bridge.


Bridge is updated to support L2 and deployed in production

Reward: 5 stars

Target completion: ~2021.8.18