Content Saver

Worker(s): lurodrigo (~tirdyr-lagrum) Reward: 2 Stars WIP

Build an endpoint that enables the extraction of a web-pages content from HTML. The backend functionality of the Instapaper app should be the model here, as should the Reader from Firefox.

This app should be able to: Copy both a given highlighted block of text, or a discrete page in Urbit’s blog/Publish application, give the user the option of renaming it, and save it in Markdown to the user’s Urbit planet or ship.

If you have a web scraper that can go out and fetch web pages for you, like the one indicated in this bounty, you can just poke the Publish app to save it and be able to read it in Publish. (Note: this bounty is not to build a web scraper, but simply the content-extraction component) The file should strip the content out of HTML and save it into the Markdown format.


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