Host Three College/University Urbit Meetups (1)

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Urbit is a canvas for learning, building, experiments and collaboration. We believe this makes it a natural fit for students and teachers of many disciplines. We encourage faculty, staff, and students at any college or university to conduct meetups to explain Urbit and help new users join.

Bounty Description

This bounty is to host an Urbit meetup at your college/university. The meetup should meet the following criteria:

Presentations don't have to be technical, but consider some of these topics to choose from for technical talks:

You should go into this bounty with the mindset of creating a regularly scheduled meetup, one that might become the nucleus of your university’s Urbit community. Also, email once you've hosted a meetup, and we will add you to your list of active meetups!


Check out our guide to best practices for Urbit meetups.

Contribution Guidelines


Three meetups are held

1 stars Your three meetups are held, and links to the presentations have been posted and sent to