Host Three Virtual Urbit Meetups

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Tlon is not Urbit; Urbit is owned by its community. So we want to decenter the Urbit brand into cities outside of San Francisco, and watch the community’s independent visions of the project take wing.

Bounty Description

It's the time of the Coronavirus, and so everyone is switching to meeting online. Urbit meetups can do this, too! This bounty is to host an Urbit meetup virtually. The meetup should meet the following criteria:

You should go into this bounty with the mindset of creating a regularly scheduled meetup, one that might become the nucleus of a participatory online Urbit community. Also, email once you've hosted a meetup, and we will add you to your list of active meetups!


Check out our guide to best practices for Urbit meetups.

Contribution Guidelines


The third meetup is help

1 stars The second meetup is held, and a recording of that meetup's talk or presentation is sent to