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The urbit.org site used to be focused almost solely on informing its readers about the project and its progress. This was due to Urbit's being "not ready" for general use. Now it is, but urbit.org doesn't reflect this. Our goal is to change this image to better demonstrate Urbit's utility through narratives that reflect different paths to participation with the project.


The content of urbit.org can be broken into two components:

  1. The part concerned with explaining what Urbit is, why you should care, and what you can do with it, and
  2. the part that documents its usage and implementation.

This bounty is concerned only with the first part.


We'll break the project into two phases—design and implementation.


Reworking urbit.org is a substantial undertaking and requires thoughtful planning to execute. A coherent design is key to ensuring that the site fits together.

  1. Definition of the different personas that arrive on urbit.org, and the stories that they'll follow.
  2. An information architecture that maps the flow of content such that the stories can be fulfilled.
  3. A set of wireframes that capture the navigational elements and content requirements in terms of the information architecture.

It's expected that the design phase is completed within four weeks: one week for parts (1) and (2), two weeks for part (3), and an extra week for buffer.


The path to implementation is necessarily dependent on the outcomes of the design phase, but we can make the following assumptions:

Other Requirements



Designs are complete

2 stars Completion of the contents of the Design section above.

Implementation is complete

4 stars Completion of the contents of the Implementation section above.