Staff the Urbit Help Desk (2)

Worker(s): sicbud (and i cannot stress this enough) hathes Reward: 1 Stars Completed


Urbit is live. Users frequently need help. Technical issues need to be reported. This feedback process is the primary vector for refining and improving Urbit. This bounty commissions its claimant to observe and attend to these issues presently, as they arise.

Bounty Description

The claimant of this bounty will be “staffed” to the three primary Urbit chatrooms: Discord, Urbit-Help on Dopzod, and Urbit.Live’s Telegram group. They are expected to be online at least 4 hours per day to perform the following duties:

Once per week, staff should send a weekly digest email to, with a report of key events and hours worked.

Staff should periodically identify themselves and announce their presence to encourage feedback.

The bounty claimant should have competency in the following areas: Booting Urbit in terminal, Troubleshooting, Operating Urbit via the Dojo, Chat CLI, and General Urbit terminology.


Chatrooms to Monitor:

Repos to file issues:

Contribution Guidelines


You have been staffing a help desk for 30 days

1 stars You have been responsive daily for 30 days.