Staff the Urbit Helpdesk, East

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Urbit is pretty novel, and newcomers are often confused by the many new concepts they’re confronted with early on. As someone who’s been there before, you can help guide aspiring new Martians into the community by supporting them with their technical issues.


You will “staff the help desk,” which means watching our Discord server and the Help channel within Urbit Community for support requests. You’re expected to be online for at least four hours within the hours of 0000-0800 UTC (4pm - 12am PST), for five days a week over the course of a month.

You’re expected to:

Once per week, staff should send a weekly digest email to, with a report of key events and hours worked.

It will help if you identify yourself periodically as a support resource so that users know they can ask questions of you. Using a nickname could be helpful here.


Contribution Guidelines


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1 stars You've spent the last month helping out newcomers.