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Thread Documentation Bounty

The official thread documentation is accurate and helpful, but it's a very thin combination of explainer (production code), how-to, and reference. It's a nice starting point, but it's not sufficient to let a typical Urbit autodidact enthusiast get fully comfortable with threads. As a result, they are often an uncomfortable/unused part of the Urbit system, even though they are useful and robust.

Fortunately, the amount of implicit knowledge needed to build a strong mental model of threads and begin using them in Urbit applications. By expanding the explainer/tutorial/howto/reference and delineating them more clearly, we can expose this part of Urbit to devs.

This bounty is detailed for clarity, but the individual sections shouldn't take too long to write and don't need to be extremely long.


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This can be thin for now, because most necessary thread functions are in lib/strandio.hoon, and we don't need to just cut-and-paste that. Just make a quick list of functionality in lib/strandio or edit the one in the current thread docs

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~timluc-miptev will be available to whomever does the bounty to explain things, work through any tough spots, and connect to useful people if necessary.


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