ucal Google and Outlook Integration

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The current ucal project has .ics support, but does not currently sync with Google and Outlook. This creates a chicken-egg problem, where users in organizations with those tools cannot reliably migrate to using ucal, because they can't correctly expose availability.

Tools like the iPhone Calendar app handle this by syncing from and to those calendars. This lets them handle their own native calendar events while also exposing a user's full calendar to that user. Our goal is to replicate that model in Urbit.

This is a project intended primarily for developer use. Once it is completed, it will:

End Product

This project will produce threads used to call Google and Outlook.

The step of "pushing" events to Google, Outlook and other ucal users should be implemented as producing custom data structures ("cards") that a later Gall agent will route appropriately.

todo: find out which files the below goes into and where the ICS type is.

This code will not need to be merged into Urbit core.

User Stories

As a developer, I want to

Resources and Workflow


  1. Data conversion, sync and calendar updates Estimate: 21 days - a month | Reward: 2 Stars

    • handle credential imput and auth flows
    • handle syncing
    • push updates to Google/Outlook calendars from CLI
    • push updates to Urbit Calendar