Unit tests for JSON parsing

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Zuse is a part of the Hoon standard library. We want to make sure the JSON-parsing functions contained in Zuse do what they are supposed to do.

Bounty Description

Write unit tests which confirm that every function under the +format (lines 5644 to 6113) arm behaves as intended. These functions include, but are not limited to, +enjs, +dejs, and +dejs-soft. They turn nouns into JSON, and vice-versa. +format is located in /sys/zuse.hoon.

Also write unit tests which confirm that the functions +en-json (lines 6351 to 6403) and +de-json (lines 6404 to 6422) behave as intended. These functions turn JSON text into JSON noun and back. They are located under the +html arm in /sys/zuse.hoon.

Save the test files in the /tests/sys/hoon directory in Arvo. Use the same framework as the files that already exist in /tests.


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