Hoon Grammar and Language Mode for Replit

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February 15, 2023



Hoon CodeMirror grammar and language mode for Replit

Note: This is a mirror of a bounty on the Replit site. Acceptance by the Replit team qualifies you for a bonus Star, to be claimed from the Urbit Foundation.

Project Description

Hoon is a programming language used in the Urbit operating system. You can find the grammar specification for Hoon in the official Hoon documentation. You can use the Hoon mode for Emacs and the Vim package for reference: hoon-mode.el and hoon.vim.

Replit uses CodeMirror as the editor and we want to add first-class support for Hoon, including syntax highlighting. We have a language mode template available on Replit (please read the README for guidance).

We'll publish it as an open source package and credit you.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Syntax highlighting should match the modes for Hoon in the Emacs and Vim packages
  • Folding ranges should be added to improve code folding
  • Should use lezer instead of custom tokenization


  • $162.00 from Replit
  • 1 Star
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