Community members may submit proposals for a wide range of projects that contribute to Urbit. Past proposals have spanned a wide range of topics:

If you have an idea for how to improve Urbit, please read our proposal submission guide. Or, if you are ready, please feel free to:

Propose a Project

How to Buy a Star: a Guide

Create a guide with helpful vocabulary and essential how-tos

Documentation 1 star pending ~sonnep-ribbep

Urbit React Cookbook

Provide concrete examples of React UI driven by @urbit/http-api to quickly start building on top of Urbit

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending ~witfyl-ravped

Translate key parts of into Spanish

Help the Urbit community grow internationally by translating key resources, guides, and documentation to Spanish.

Documentation 1 star pending Tom Holford

Urbit LFS - filehosting

Share large files

App Dev: Other 4 stars pending tabnus-fondeg

Search in groups

Implement a basic text search in groups channels

App Dev: Other 2 stars pending @nrtxrmnd

Cross-Platform Desktop Urbit App

A native app that makes running Urbit near friction-less for everyone.

App Dev: Other 10 stars pending nocsyx-lassul

Try Urbit Website

A website where prospective Martians can experience the Landscape interface without any technical chops.

App Dev: Other 2 stars pending mikeosborne

Graph Store Documentation Guide

Explainer, tutorial, and cookbook for `graph-store`

Documentation 4 stars pending ~sipfyn-pidmex

Urbit API for Elixir

A proposal to build an Urbit HTTP Api for the Elixir language, bringing to Urbit its state of the art concurrency capabilities.

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending mirtyl-wacdec

Comprehensive local, server and mum explanation video

Series of three videos:1) Purchase planet, install and run on a local machine2) nginx setup3) Explaining Urbit to my tech illiterate mum

Community 1 star pending mislyr-midnyt

Translate key parts of into Korean

The content found on and is only in English. Translation will be helpful to Koreans.

Documentation 1 star pending ~sibped-dabdul, 홍송이

Minimal Urbit OS

A Linux based host OS with only the essentials needed to run Urbit, designed to help the process of getting Urbit running on bare metal

Core Dev 6 stars pending ~forfel-norfel

Translate key parts of into German

Introduction, Urbit OS, Urbit ID, Interface, Roadmap: OS1-> OS N, People + History, and Install + Setup (analog to Korean translation)

Documentation 1 star pending ~hocdep-labtel

Urbit HTTP API for Emacs (elisp)

Connecting Urbit with Emacs would enable all sorts of cool and creative apps. I'd love to be able to chat without leaving my editor.

Dev Tool 3 stars pending ~winduc-dozser

-=[smol future]=- Sustained Knowledge Sharing and Marketing

Create sustained documentation and marketing efforts that will support and encourage new users to run Urbit on their own RPi devices.

Community 10 stars pending ~naltyc-wornes (

WebRTC Gall Agent and external app

Add WebRTC support to Urbit, including call/stream setup and teardown messaging and ICE/STUN/TURN advertisement and authentication.

App Dev: Other 8 stars pending Edward Amsden ~ritpub-sipsyl

Calendar UI

Develop a UI for improved access to the Calendar Gall app

App Dev: Other 3 stars awarded ~fabnev-hinmur

Docker image for cloud container orchestration

Nix infrastructure to generate Docker images for Urbit releases. Images would be suitable for cloud orchestration in e.g. Amazon ECS

Dev Tool 1 star awarded Edward Amsden ~ritpub-sipsyl

Urbit HTTP API for Rust

This proposal seeks to create an API to interact with an Urbit ship over HTTP written in Rust.

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending ~mocrux-nomdep

Urbit HTTP Library for Ruby

Create a Ruby language HTTP library to connect to Urbit.

Dev Tool 3 stars pending ~winter-paches

Urbit HTTP API for Kotlin

Write an urbit HTTP API (aka Airlock) for Kotlin.

App Dev: Other 3 stars pending @nrtxrmnd

Urbit HTTP Interface — Java Edition

This proposal seeks to implement an HTTP interface to an Urbit instance in Java, and also seeks to build various related tooling.

Core Dev 3 stars pending ~sipfyn-pidmex

Urbit Event Series

A series of community-focused events to create a new knowledge base for, and help new community members learn about Urbit

Community 6 stars pending ~naplet-hildec

Urbian: a customized Linux distribution for Urbit appliances

A package for the generation of custom Linux images with Urbit running as service, for the backend of a turnkey Urbit appliance or IoT hub.

Dev Tool 2 stars pending ~botter-nidnul

Urbit Explainer Video

We want to make a short animated video that introduces Urbit to a wider audience.

Community 2 stars awarded ~rivpyl-sidfyl, ~minder-folden

A Collaborative Web Mapping System for Urbit

Allow small scale spatial data to be stored and retrieved in Urbit, for use in landscape and external applications, and shared across ships.

App Dev: Other 4 stars pending Lumphead

Art by Urbit

Art by Urbit will provide a monthly digest of art produced by & for Urbit, on a publicly available website & social media presence.

Community 1 star pending nartes-fasrum

A book about Urbit

A short book about Urbit, on Urbit, including Urbit-centric sections about the wider world of computing

Community 12 stars pending librex-dozryc

The Complete Guide to Gall and Landscape

A full text and video course on every aspect of creating Gall and Landscape apps. Students will create their own full application to finish.

Documentation 4 stars awarded ~timluc-miptev

Urbit online meetup.

I teach a Python class online. Many students would be interested in learning about Urbit too. I'd give a lecture and help them host planets.

Community 1 star awarded ~fonnyx-nopmer


An Arvo calendar agent based on the iCalendar spec.

App Dev: Arvo 5 stars awarded ~wolref-podlex, sovmep-ripsum

Up-to-date Hoon reference card

I have made an up-to-date version of the Urbit Hoon reference card and will maintain it.

Documentation 1 star awarded N E Davis

Hoon 001: Learner efficiency and early-learner resources

Create Hoon learning resources catered to learner efficiency, with orienting materials for Hoon & coding, learning examples, videos.

Documentation 3 stars awarded som, ~risruc-habteb, ~rabsef-bicrym