Art by Urbit

Worker(s): nartes-fasrum Reward: 1 Stars WIP

With the deployment of Art by Urbit, a central platform & location for the dissemination of Urbit art & propaganda will be available for users of the traditional internet. Regular digests of Urbit art will be collected from willing Urbit users & published on the Art by Urbit website & social media to provide visual inspiration for anyone interested, from those who are taking their first steps on the Martian frontier to those who've been sailing their ship for years.

For those already homesteading Urbit, part of the regular digest will be a pair of featured artworks to use with the new Landscape background image feature - one for light-themed browsers, and one for dark-themed. For the curious or the new, art promoting a public group, chat, or notebook will be included to help connect them with Urbit's best communities. A potential longer-term goal would be the production of a physical calendar, with a different Urbit themed art piece for each month and various interesting facts, informational tidbits, or helpful tips scattered throughout. Once Urbit ships can host their own content on the open internet, I aim to host the Art by Urbit site from its own ship.

I'm qualified to carry out this proposal as I have built a portfolio of prior Urbit-related art (available here ) and have prior experience building & deploying websites & social media promotional campaigns.


Six months of regular digests

1 stars As described - six months of regular monthly Art by Urbit digests, posted to the Art by Urbit website & promoted on social media.