Comprehensive local, server and mum explanation video

Worker(s): mislyr-midnyt Reward: 1 Stars WIP


First video

Create a comprehensive video describing how to purchase (or obtain) and run an Urbit planet. Brief overview on how to use Urbit. Mention hosting providers (Tlon) for those who don't want to do this.

Second Video

Instruct on how to register a domain name, provision a VPS, setup DNS and create an nginx reverse proxy to create a publicly accessible Let's Encrypt secured public facing Urbit.

Third Video

Explain Urbit in a simple way to my sister and technologically illiterate mum. It can be somewhat difficult to explain Urbit to people, so this video should provide an overview for people with no technical knowledge.

Additional Info

Videos will be entertaining and engaging, not entirely dissimilar to voice messages posted on urbit-community. Reckon this will be a good way to allow people to very easily onboard onto the network.

Granted star would be used to onboard friends, family and people from the community (currently Discord server).


Record, edit and upload all videos

1 stars Upload all three videos to Youtube, post links in proposal updates.