Graph Store Documentation Guide

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Motivation: graph-store is an extremely well-designed and powerful system for creating social and business applications, that should unlock myriad novel applications on Urbit. Unfortunately, it is currently nearly completely unused outside of Tlon, mainly due to inadequate documentation materials.

This project will change that, by fully familiarizing developers with graph-store and how to build software using it, and by providing a reference assist during subsequent development process.

Every aspect of graph-store will be covered: designing schemas, interacting with them inside the CLI or from Urbit apps, and accessing them from frontends.

Scope & Intended Audience


The target audience is an experienced developer in any outside programming language. We assume Hoon knowledge, and refer recommended hoon resources whenever necessary, covering the bare minimum in-line.

We cover the process involved in creating a new social app from scratch. We do not cover interacting with graph-store on the server-side, i.e. from other gall agents, although we may refer to several outside examples of that, since they should be comprehensible to the user after working through this.

Audience 1: Developers Learning graph-store

The explainer and tutorial below are intended for learners, users who want to build a strong mental model of the store from scratch. They should be doable in either order (to accommodate different learning styles)

Audience 2: Developers Working on Social Applications

The cookbook/how-to and API reference are for developers who understand graph-store and need reference materials for common patterns and syntax while building applications.



This includes a high-level description of what graph-store is and why it exists, a technical overview of graph-store, and a walkthrough of the implementations of the Chat and Publish apps and how they are built using graph-store.

Includes explanations of:




Update to be more useful:

User Stories

As a developer without prior graph-store knowledge, I can:

As a developer who already understands graph-store I can:



1 stars Full written explainer posted online


1 stars Full written tutorial with tested code samples

Cookbooks & Reference, Finalization

2 stars Full written cookbook document, updated reference, and finalization of the content