Links in Urbit Reference Docs

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The goal of this proposal is to add links to the Urbit Reference docs (that is, Hoon Expressions, Standard Library, and Vane APIs).

Suppose you're browsing section 2a of the Hoon standard library. You see the word "unit" a bunch of times, but you're not actually sure what it means. You try to click on one of the instances, hoping it'll take you to a page with more information, but nothing happens! That's because the library (and a fair amount of Urbit documentation) lacks links between pages.

Consider, for contrast, a random Python doc page. Every concept that has documentation has a link to said documentation. By adding links to the Urbit docs, we'll make the documentation easier to use, and from there make Hoon and Urbit easier to learn.


1 stars Concepts that refer to pages with documentation have links to said documentation.