Worker(s): Dotty Reward: 5 Stars WIP

This is a grant proposal to build a Gall application, we are calling Llelogram*

For the past few years we have been working on a legislative analysis tool we call Prism that interprets actionable legislation in federal congress and renders a basic, static typed value reflecting the partisan displacement of the text, then transposes that over roll call voting data. The inherent structure of Gall applications, with vases and cages seems for us an ideal way to take the concept one step deeper by creating an index of relevant factors to run contravariant to the state:(actionable legislation). Put another way, we want to be able to interpolate more complex factors like fiscal displacement and popular discourse into our data, creating a political-econometric. By translating the static displacement of partisan divergence into a material quantity through Prism rendering a typed value, we have been waiting to interpolate abstract textual facets of predeterminate factors (like the intellectual justifications of empirical affect) into a value dynamic enough to be logged cleanly and actionably. Needless to say, we are very excited about Gall. The concept of scoring legislation at all–let alone determining how divergent it may be–is somewhat controversial, however we believe that our process of scoring legislation is well developed yet simple enough to be conceptualized casually, to the point that is credible in the way that stock tickers are referenced to interpret market developments in real time. Ideally, Llelogram should take advantage of the Gall application structure to provide economic and philosophic context to active federal legislation in real time through logs of atomic transactions. Nothing happens in a vacuum. For however complicated and impenetrable legislation can be, there are very clear and consistent textual markers that do translate into material displacement. The idea then, is to create a Gall application that renders an illustration* of this displacement so that we could easily conceptualize how legislation affects our society.

Technically, Llelogram is a set of tables to run contravariant to legislation. Technically illiterate as I am, from what I could gather on the Urbit Gall App tutorial, the unary function would help to illustrate the fiscal dynamic, while the binary function would translate the more abstract philosophical displacement of the text. The unary table would be made up of contemporary econometrics having to do with wealth portfolios; i.e. income/tax[liabilities] across demographics such as public sector employees (eg. teachers and janitors)/elected representatives, to private sector employees/capitalists (eg. tycoons). The binary function would be comprised of diametrica that reflect the spectrum of modern* discourse/experience. The unary table is a little more straightforward in that it’s parameters are neatly class/quantified through a currency which is universally accepted/desired. On the other hand, the binary table would be something like a literary collage made up of seminal sociological texts spanning the entire spectrum of (actionable)pop discourse that resonates variably between partisan positions to illustrate displacement.

2020 has been a scary year, but for all the sound and fury I can see light in our eyes. If we can create what I have been conceptualizing since 2015, Llelogram will be a tool for people to see how well legislation written in their names reflects the light in their eyes. Thank you so much for reading, I hope I can be part of utilizing Urbit and bringing it into the real world with you folks!


Build the CLI

1 stars At this point we should have a basic CLI that imports actionable* federal legislation, and provides a basic way for us to flag language/numbers and score it according to how generally displaced is.

Compiling the tables

1 stars Having worked in parallel with the engineers as they put together the CLI, I'll be compiling a basic list of tax liabilities issued by tax code; also a literary collage of seminal sociology

Interpret the stimulus package

1 stars Given the gravity of the stimulus package congress is working on, we should apply our project to it as a way of testing how well our agent illustrates the content and resonates with our control

Write a paper

1 stars The paper should stand as a kind of thesis which would be tested as the election happens and we can see how these developments were interpreted through the constituents.

Create a kind of graphic rendition

1 stars Given that the ultimate goal of Llelogram is to be something like a stock ticker, I want to create a coherent design language that would reflect the State we are managing.