Matrix( bridge/bot

Worker(s): modmes-livheb Reward: 2 Stars WIP


Looking over the airlock documentation this seems to be a pretty simple endeavor. Preliminary testing shows it should be more than possible to connect a matrix server and urbit channel. Both systems have well built python based API's and transfer message's via a json query, very manipulation looks needed.


I'm currently apart of a group split between the two platforms, us Martians pushing for the new internet and the old souls resistant to change. Building something like this then open sourcing it for other groups experiencing similar issues could bring a entry point for plethora of future Martians.


I'm a close friend of ~nartes-fasrum, a prominent member of the community. They've gotten me addicted to this new age internet and gave me the idea for this project. I'm seeking a single star to cement my place in the galaxy, helping grow the community. I've actively recruited people in the real world under ~sorwet on behalf of ~nart but would like to start sponsoring them myself. I'm an AWS certified engineer with a burning passion for bleeding edge tech, this is my newest and most burning passion. The second milestone is more of a stretch goal of mine, I'm not sure I'm able to complete that alone, but I think it would be a really nice addition to lower the entry bar for fellow martians.


Working base client

1 stars At this point I'd like to have the base client working, subscribing and emitting messages between systems. I'd plan on this running via a separate cli-based client.

Web Client

1 stars A self hosted administration portal for the bot, able to add matrix channels/ships seamlessly. This is something that I'd like to complete but not sure on an ETA.