How to Buy a Star: a Guide

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Buying a star can be a daunting prospect, even for those who have owned a planet for some time. A star is much more expensive than a planet, and it comes with new and confusing vocabulary. What's a naked star? Are some stars in lockup? Is mine in lockup? If it is in lockup, how does it get unlocked?

If the prospective buyer is not using an established website such as OpenSea, and is instead buying from an individual, these problems become much worse. What makes a star commodity grade? How can the buyer verify the status of the star?

This documentation will function as a Guide for the Perplexed. It will tell the buyer what to look for, and how to look for it, in entirely non-technical language. More daunting tasks such as verifying the star status on Hoon and/or Ethereum will be described clearly and plainly. By following this guide, the buyer will be able to verify the star's status, not merely trust the seller.


The documentation will be entirely text. Since I know few of the answers to these questions, I will post in The Marketplace and other channels on Urbit to seek community input. I will gather knowledge from anyone willing to share, and compile an easy-to-read and well-sourced document that can be posted and shared anywhere useful.


I'm a full-stack software engineer and former lawyer. I'm adept at navigating new domains and sharing what I've learned in an accessible and pleasant way.


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