The Complete Guide to Gall and Landscape

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Gall Guide Deliverables

PoC and Prior Work

The first 5 chapters of the course are complete in late draft form and can be found here

My "Nock for Everyday Coders" Guide was the result of my exploring Nock on my own, and is probably the most detailed Nock reference available currently.

Overview and Goals

Develop a Hooniversity module for teaching Gall and creating and modifying Gall applications.

The final product will contain all lessons (which incrementally build on each other), example code and reference items needed to transfer this knowledge with no gaps or unanswered questions.

The student who completes this course will not only be able to author their own Landscape app, but the learning program associated with these materials will mandate that accomplishment in order for a student to be considered to have passed Hooniversity Gall training.

Table of Contents

Basic Backend

(From this point onward in the course, all lessons will be in the context of building up a full-featured application)


More Backend


Video Materials


Written Guide

1 stars Full written guide (table of contents in proposal) posted online.

Videos Courses & Full Sample Application

1 stars