Translate key parts of into Korean

Worker(s): ~sibped-dabdul, 홍송이 Reward: 1 Stars WIP

Currently, Urbit's documentation is almost exclusively in English. In an effort to make Urbit more google-able and accessible to a Korean audience, we propose translating key parts of into Korean. Translated content can either be hosted on another blog/website or the HTML files can be turned over to

I am a native English speaker with a high level of competence in written Korean. I am currently assisting a small Korean game studio with localizing their game into English. I am proficient with OmegaT (CAT). Song-i Hong is a native Korean and fluent English speaker with ten years of experience working closely with foreigners. Together, we translated the Urbit Wikipedia article:

At the current pace we are translating a little under 1000 words per week. The total amount to be translated is a little over 9000 words.


Translation of Key Website Content

1 stars Introduction, Urbit OS, Urbit ID, Interface, Roadmap: OS1-> OS N, People + History, and Install + Setup