Translate key parts of into Norwegian

Worker(s): Andreas Atakan Reward: 1 Stars WIP

Similar to other translation proposals for German, Korean and Spanish, I would provide the core parts of the Documentation in Norwegian, in order to improve accessibility of the Urbit project. Translations can for example be provided as pull requests to the repo.

I am a native speaker of Norwegian and have lived in Norway my whole life. I also speak English fluently. I have extensive technical experience working as a full-stack web-developer, and specialized experience from several years working as a GIS consultant in the off-shore sector in Norway. I also have experience working with blockchain technologies, and I'm currently hosting a bitcoin- and lightning-node on a hobby basis. In addition to contributing with my translation work, I can also contribute to the Urbit community with my experience of integrating dynamic web-maps into web-applications (like for example React-based apps).


Translation of key site content

1 stars Introduction, Urbit OS, Urbit ID, Interface, Roadmap: OS1-> OS N, People + History, and Install + Setup