Up-to-date Hoon reference card

Worker(s): N E Davis Reward: 1 Stars Completed

I have made and will maintain an up-to-date Urbit Hoon reference card. (I am segregating my course-related work very carefully from my Urbit-hobbyist work—although I will use this should my grad course be approved by the dept I am putting it forward as a public resource.)

You can see the current version here: https://github.com/natareo/hooncard/blob/master/hooncard.pdf

I put 1 star, but, whatever, I don't really think this is worth a whole star—I was encouraged to put this up as a proposal, which has the added benefit of making Tlon aware that this now exists. But if not, a Nock shirt or the like would be nice.


Make card public

1 stars Make an accurate, up-to-date Hoon reference card available.