Urbit Explainer Video

Worker(s): ~rivpyl-sidfyl, ~minder-folden Reward: 2 Stars Completed

Our intention is to make a short video that can introduce Urbit to new people.

Contrasting the original Tlon-produced explainer, we'd like to express a more subjective and personal side to using Urbit, making it understandable to less tech-inclined people in a concise and aesthetically attractive way.

~minder-folden: My work leans heavily on custom scripting for my own creative projects as well as my commissioned work for clients so I'm excited to bring that skillset to Urbit. As a primarily non-technical member of the community, I want to help communicate the value I've seen first hand on the network beyond the boundaries of the tech world. Feel free to check out my portfolio site.

~rivpyl-sidfyl: I am experienced in video, audio and animation work. I'll try my best in translating and adapting our idea to the audiovisual medium. Here's a short video reel showcasing some of my recent work.


It's Done

2 stars We publish the finalized video, after developing a working storyboard that has been reviewed and shared with people that might add relevant perspectives to the project.