Urbit HTTP API for Emacs (elisp)

Worker(s): ~winduc-dozser Reward: 3 Stars WIP

I've been poking around in Emacs to test the feasibility of this project, and I think it will work out pretty well. The biggest obstacle I found was the lack of SSE client library, but I already have a solution.

Milestones have been adapted from this google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1no5oos_NE8LrUWz7iG9SKZMTIzruZVevZQ75nD5OHmI/edit


Basic HTTP Interface

1 stars Implementation of the HTTP interface to send JSON to/from an Urbit ship.

Graph Store Interface

1 stars Implementation of graph-store interface.

Additional Agent Interfaces

1 stars Implementation of at least two of the following interfaces: contact-store, invite-store, group-store, and metadata-store.