Urbit HTTP Library for Ruby

Worker(s): ~winter-paches Reward: 3 Stars WIP

Patterned per document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1no5oos_NE8LrUWz7iG9SKZMTIzruZVevZQ75nD5OHmI/edit.

I am a long-time (20+ years) ruby coder and would love to take this on. I tried my best to ballpark the timeframe off the code I have seen as well as the fact that I still have an pretty full day job. ;) I am open to discussion on the timeframe(s) if it is too long.


Basic HTTP Interface

1 stars This involves building a mechanism for sending and receiving JSON to/from an Urbit ship.

Graph Store Interface

1 stars Using the basic HTTP interface referenced above, create an interface to graph-store.

Additional Agent Interfaces

1 stars Landscape gall agents that can be interfaced with over the HTTP interface. I will implement at least group-store and contact-store. Time permitting I will also try invite-store and/or metadata-store.