Urbit online meetup.

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I teach a Python class over Discord to a few friends of mine. Many of them are in unfortunate financial circumstances, and I feel like a programming job is a good way to escape that (much as it helped me). A few of them have asked me about Urbit already, so I think that there is a good amount of interest.

I would give a lecture or two on Urbit, specifically what it is about the platform that appeals to me. I would then help them though the process of spawning and booting a planet. I would perhaps also even host the planets on a VPS. I would follow up with them afterwards to see that they are not having any issues.

Ultimately, it might be nice to move the community over to an Urbit group. The text chat and class transcripts could be hosted there. I would model this closely on Hooniverse, as I think they do that sort of thing very well.


Urbit Lecture

1 stars The Urbit lecture, given by me, as described.