Hoon School

Interested in developing on Urbit? You’ll want to learn Hoon, a functional programming language that’s custom-designed for use with Arvo, the Urbit operating system.

We want you to learn Hoon, too. That’s why we’re offering Hoon School: a free, asynchronous program that’s fully supported by an instructor. Hoon School is offered in the form of two courses: Hoon 101 and Hoon 201. Classes are offered three times a year.

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Hoon 101

Hoon 101 is a six-week, introductory-level course. It’s appropriate for motivated learners with no programming experience, and for those familiar with other programming languages. You’ll leave Hoon 101 with a strong understanding of the language’s fundamentals. Expect to devote four hours a week to this course.

Hoon 201

Hoon 201 is an eight-week, advanced-level course with a heavier workload. It’s appropriate for graduates of Hoon 101, and for those otherwise already familiar with Hoon's foundations. After graduating from Hoon 201, you’ll have enough knowledge to build applications and contribute code to the Arvo operating system. Expect to devote six hours a week to this class.

Which should I take?

If Hoon would be your first language, or you have some experience with non-functional languages, apply to Hoon 101. If you’ve already played around with Hoon extensively and you’re a seasoned professional programmer, apply to Hoon 201. If you’re on the fence, go with 101; the two courses are scheduled back-to-back, so you can enroll in the advanced course upon graduating from the introductory one.