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Azimuth is On-Chain

The Urbit address space, now called Azimuth, is on the blockchain. And too many other things to fit into a single post.


A Founder's Farewell

My goal was always to fire myself at the first possible opportunity. I'm super happy to reach it.


Governance of urbit.org

On Stewardship of the Urbit project


Urbit and the blockchain wars

A bit about the 'idea maze' of choosing to bootstrap from Ethereum


Toward a Frozen Operating System

Is it possible to freeze an entire OS?


Why Urbit Probably Doesn't Need a Blockchain

Urbit (probably) doesn't need a blockchain, because the Urbit address-space PKI is a special case of a consensus ledger


Toward a New %clay

Urbit's revision-control system, %clay, is itself due for a (medium-sized) revision!


Common Objections to Urbit

Some common objections to Urbit, discussed.


The DAO as a Lesson in Decentralized Governance

What's the right lesson for the decentralization community to learn from the collapse of the DAO?


The Urbit Address Space

An overview of Urbit's cryptographic address space.


Interim Constitution

The governing rules for the early days of the Urbit network.



A thought-experiment to explain the Urbit user experience.


What is Urbit For?

A vision of the Urbit-powered future.


An Urbit Overview

A high-level overview of Urbit.